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Codex Alera is populated with various animals of Carna. A leviathan is an enormous sea creature. These beasts play a key role in book 4, Captain's Fury, and a minor role in book 6 First Lord's Fury.

Leviathans are very territorial. They will destroy ships in their waters. Sea captains use water-witches or witch-men to soothe the waters so the beasts won’t notice the ship.

Leviathans are Territorial (book 4)
Isana and her fury Rill see a Leviathan

They are found in Mare Nostrum, especially in the area known as Leviathan’s Run near Forcia, en route to Parcia. They are also found in cold northern waters off Canea and Antillus. They avoid icebergs (see Princep’s Fury ch 10)

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