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This page is for any maps that pertain to the series. The main map of Alera was created by Priscilla Spencer, and in some cases modified by fans.

Alera and Barbarian Lands, Map by Priscilla Spencer

Map by Priscilla Spencer, published in First Lord’s Fury (It applies best to books 1-3; by the end of book 4, the plot demands political and topographical changes to this map)

Map of Alera by Spencer, colorized by fan

Spencer’s Alera (accurate for books 1-4, colorized)

Alera Imperia from Minas Tirith

Every Causeway Leads to Alera Imperia

Calderon Valley Steadholts (in book 1)

Calderon Valley map by Spencer

SPOILER MAPS Book 6 !!![]

SPOILERS Final Book First Lord's Fury!

Book 6, chapter 4: Camp Positions at Antillus

Book 6 ch 4 camps Antillus

First Lord’s Fury chapter 4

Book 6 Calderon Valley, Ready for War:

Calderon Valley Fortifications

rough placement of fortifications, book 6

Spoiler post war map — Reddit: Map of Alera after Vord War (spoilers)

Other maps[]

Map Alera Fury Ranges

Fury ranges??