The Marat are a race of very light-skinned people (Doroga and Kitai are Marat people). Another physical aspect of the Marat is their distinctive Silver-White hair that they braid and put feathers in.. They are traditionally enemies of Alera, but the relationship between these nations develop throughout the series. A distinctive element of Marat society are their Clans. Marat also have a higher body temperature, and the ability to see in darkness. Each Marat will form a bond with a chala animal which will then be their companion.

History Edit

The Marat have their own history, their most recent interaction with the realm of Alera was about 15 years before the events of Furies of Calderon. This interaction started with the Battle of First Calderon and the slaying of Princeps Gaius Septimus and the destruction of the Crown Legion to a man by the Marat horde. The First Lord retaliated swiftly and the realm's legions drove the Marat back from the Calderon Valley. The lands the Marat inhabit today were not their original lands. They inhabited these lands after the Vord attacked and almost completely destroyed their civilization 2 separate times. Each time the Vord came only a few bands of Marat survived to flee elsewhere.