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Kitai, a pale barbarian

Doroga and Walker by Spirogs

Doroga and Walker, by Spirogs


Dubbed savages and naked barbarians by most Alerans, the Marat are a race of very light-skinned people that inhabit the lands abutting the Calderon Valley, as shown in Maps for Codex Alera Series. The Marat are roaming nomads that live off the land, battling frequently with Alerans and other Marat tribes. They are traditionally enemies of Alera, but the relationship between them develops throughout the series.

The most prominent Marat characters are Doroga, chieftain of the Gargant Clan, his daughter Kitai, her mother’s sister Hashat of the Horse Clan, and the treacherous Herdbane Clan leader, Atsurak.

Physical Traits[]

  • very pale skin
  • silver-white hair (often braided with feathers)
  • incredible agility, balancing high on a tight rope as a children’s game
  • a higher body temperature than humans
  • the ability to see in near darkness
  • acute hearing
  • ability to gain the strengths of their chala — bonded beast (see below)


The Marat, The One-and-Many-People, believe in "The One" who sees everything, knows the truth of all things, and is living in all of nature and people — everyone and everything.

They believe also in “wisdom” — teachings passed down for countless years. “Our wisdom tells us…”

For a lie or falsehood, they use the word “mistake”


Uncounted years before the events of book 1, Furies of Calderon, the Marat were forced away from their original homeland (or possibly home-world) by an abomination, causing them to settle in the lands east of the Calderon Valley, a land now known as Maratea.

Indeed, long aeons ago, the Marat lived much as Alerans do, in cities, in a land far far away. They fled when the abomination almost completely destroyed their people /civilization on two separate occasions. Each time the horde invaded, only a few bands of Marat survived to flee elsewhere. Since then, they have lived in tribes, out with nature, alert to any changes in their environment. Elders tell stories of this as a cautionary tale to all children, keeping the people of "The One" alert and aware for generation upon generation.

Doroga nodded. “Far in the past, our people did not live where we live today. We came here from another place…Across the sea. Across the sky. We were elsewhere, then we were here. Our people have lived in many lands. We go to a new place. We bond with what lives there. We learn. We grow. We sing the songs of wisdom to our children.” (Academ’s Fury ch 4)
“Our wisdom tells us that long ago, in another place, we met a creature. That this creature stole the hearts and minds of our people. That it and its brood grew from dozens to millions. It overwhelmed us. Destroyed our lands and homes. It stole our children, and our females gave birth to its spawn. ..It is a demon that can take many forms,” the Marat continued. “It tastes of blood and may take the shape of the creature it tasted.” (Academ’s Fury ch 4)

Relationship w Alera[]

The Marat are hated, because they invaded Alera —- the Calderon Valley specifically— about 15 years before the events of Furies of Calderon. This is known as the Battle of First Calderon. It is infamous for the unexpected invasion, the slaying of the beloved Princeps Gaius Septimus, and the destruction of the Crown Legion to a man by the Marat horde. Gaius Sextus, First Lord of Alera, retaliated swiftly and the realm's legions drove the Marat back out of the Calderon Valley.

More recently, through the joint efforts of Bernard, Count Calderonus at Garrison, and Marat chieftains Doroga of the Gargant Clan and Hashat of the Horse Clan, the Marat have become allies with Alerans.

"The Horse and Gargant tribes were, more than any other Marat, allies of the Alerans— or more precisely, allies of Bernard, Count of Calderon" (Cursor’s Fury, ch 2)

Chala Bond[]

The Chala bond is an ability unique to the Marat, allowing them to form a lifetime bond to an animal of their choosing. The Marat will then refer to that animal as their 'Chala', and will live their life in tandem with their new companion. The Marat are able to communicate with their Chala as if the animal were human. Any animal connected to a Marat through the bond will gain intelligence far above what the animal is capable of alone.

While the bond if traditionally formed between a Marat and an animal, during the events of Furies of Calderon Kitai accidentally forms her chala bond with Tavi. This comes as a shock to Kitai, Tavi, and the other Marat, as it was not deemed possible to form a chala bond with non-animal, much less a member of another race.

The bond allows the Marat and their chala to sense each other, even giving them a sense of attraction which will bring them together. Any time spent apart will cause them to feel a sense of longing for one another. As such a Marat and their chala are rarely separated.

A Marat will take on characteristics of their chala after the bond is initially formed. Kitai's eyes change to mirror the green color of Tavi's eyes immediately after they bond, but other attributes take more time to manifest.

Marat Clans[]

Gargant Clan[]

The Gargant clan have formed their chala bonds with large bovine animals called gargants, which are described as enormous mammals with four legs and lots of fur. Members of the Gargant Clan take on the characteristics of gargants, becoming broad shouldered and very muscular. The Gargant Clan, under the direction of Doroga, becomes the first Marat tribe to side with the Alerans, fighting alongside Bernard and his allies during the Second Battle of Calderon

The Chieftain of the Gargant clan is Doroga, an especially muscular Marat with a kind heart and a much more open mind than most Marat. Doroga has a chala bond with a gargant named Walker, who stands out in size and strength even among other gargants.

Doraga on Walker, a huge tusked “badger” (fanart)

Walker, a gargant, enormous tusked “badger”

Horse Clan[]

The Horse Clan have formed their chala bonds with horses, and as such are more free spirited and nomadic than other Marat tribes. Members of the Horse Clan often wear their hair in a flowing Mohawk reminiscent of a horse's mane, keeping the sides of their heads shaved and letting their hair fly in the wind as they ride.

During the events of Captains Fury the Horse clan forms a partnership with the First Aleran legion under Tavi's leadership, working as scouts and light cavalry in support of the legion in their war against the Canim.

Wolf Clan[]

The Wolf clan have formed their chala bonds with wolves, becoming more aggressive and wry than other Marat.

The members of the Wolf clan joined up with the forces of Aquitane during the First Battle of Calderon, fighting against the Garrison and its allies.

Fox Clan[]

The Fox clan is mentioned but not seen during the events of the series, as they were wiped out in a war with the Wolf clan.

Herdbane Clan[]

The Herdbane clan have formed their chala bonds with large ostrich-like birds called herdbane. Herdbane are several feet tall, able to run swiftly on their long powerful legs, which can also be used for incredible kicks in combat. Herdbane have long necks with a thick, pointed beak, and use these beaks to stab and maim their enemies. They typically inhabit the Feverthorn Jungle area

“Herdbane. They have them further south. Feverthorn Jungle mostly. Never heard of one this far north before. Or that big.” (Furies of Calderon ch 5)

The Herdbane clan is one of the primary antagonistic forces in Furies of Calderon, having an early encounter with Tavi and Bernard at the beginning of the novel. The Herdbane Clan side with the Aquitanes during the First Battle of Calderon.


Given the initial premise of the series being a combination of Lost Roman Legion (see Roman connections and Pokemon, the companionship and connection between a Marat and their Chala is very similar to a companionship between a Pokemon Trainer and their Pokemon.

SPOILER !!! bk 2[]

SPOILER Spoiler below

During the events of book 2, Academ's Fury, the Marat tribes encountered a Vord swarm, fighting long enough to nearly exterminate the hive, but they were unable to kill the Vord Queen. During this battle the Marat lost over 90% of their warriors. Bernard, listening to Doroga recount the horrific battle, remarks on the remarkable ferocity of the Marat people, saying that even the most veteran Aleran legionares will break rank and retreat after losing less than 50% of their forces.

“I have come. To warn you.” He took a step closer to them, crouching down, and whispered, “The Abomination is here. The wisdom tells us the name of its minions. The vordu-ha.” He shuddered, as if saying the words sickened him. “And it tells us the name of the creature itself. It is the vord.” (Academ’s Fury ch 4)