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Antillar Maximus

The illegitimate but acknowledged son of High Lord Antillus Raucus, Antillar Maximus (known to his friends as Max) is a close friend of Tavi and a powerful furycrafter. Prior to the series, he was raised with his half-brother Antillus Crassus by his murderous stepmother, High Lady Antillus Dorotea. Max would sometimes take the blame for something Crassus had done, so to not see his brother punished. He has lash scars on his back. However, once he realized his furycrafting strength, Max threatened to kill Dorotea if she ever whipped him again. Life-threatening “accidents” began happening to Max shortly thereafter, and though Max knew his stepmother was behind them, he couldn't prove it. So, once he was fourteen /old enough, he escaped to join a Legion, and from there Max attended the Academy in Alera Imperia, training to become a Cursor.

Max is smart enough, and brave and loyal, with a good sense of humor. He’s compassionate and fiercely protective. The good-looking laddy is also a playboy and a prolific lover, making hay while the sun shines, expecting to die any time, for he rightly fears his treacherous stepmother. He keeps a watchful eye over Cereus Veradis, and would encourage her affections, but she has rebuffed his advances.

Antillus Flag

The Flag of Antillus


As the son of a High Lord, Max is a powerful furycrafter of every type. He has demonstrated both power and ingenuity in most forms of his furycraft.


Max is a strong earthcrafter, frequently using it to bolster his already considerable strength. Using is fury assisted strength Max is able to shatter solid ice, fight massive Canim and Vord, and lift huge loads. Max can use his earthcrafting to shape the earth, using it to strike foes and create defensive structures.


Flight is one of Max's weaker talents, but he is still more powerful than most. While he cannot sustain flight like his brother Crassus, Max uses his windcrafting to perform great leaps instead. He is able to perform most other types of windcrafting, including privacy bubbles and farseeings. During the battle for the Elinarch Bridge, Max used his windcrafting alongside his brother Crassus to focus the sunlight into a deadly laser beam against the Canim ritualists and raiders.


Max watercrafting skills are strong, but his ability to percieve emotions is not particularly sensitive. His father Antillus Raucus did not allow Max or Crassus to manifest their furies during their training, but Max was able to practice his watercrafting in secret, manifesting his water fury in the form of a great lion. Max is competent at healing, even though he is not particularly gifted. Max is fairly good at altering his features through watercraft, able to impersonate the First Lord in Academ's Fury.


Max is a skilled swordsman, and uses his metalcrafting to enhance his sword to deadly effect. He is able to bend and reinforce metal, using his skills along side Captain Miles to hold a metal door in place against the Vord-taken Canim in Academ's Fury.

Book Spoilers!!![]

Academ's Fury[]

In book 2, Academ's Fury, Tavi and Max are roommates in the Academy training to be Cursors. The spoilt Kalarus Brencis Minoris and several of his chums regularly harass Tavi for being furyless. Max beats back at Brencis.

When First Lord Gaius Sextus is stricken ill, Tavi asks Max to step in and use his watercrafting abilities to impersonate the First Lord. This works well until Tavi gets in a backalley brawl with Brencis. Max steps in to fight alongside Tavi. Placidus Aria prevents High Lord Kalarus Brencis from killing Max and Tavi, for wounding his son. Since neither one of them are Citizens and Brencis has recently won his Citizen status from his father, Max is imprisoned in the Grey Tower for assaulting a Citizen (Tavi is ignored because Brencis's father is trying to cover up the fact that his son was almost defeated by a "furyless freak").

Tavi and Kitai manage to break Max out of the political prison and Max is free to continue impersonating the First Lord. However, the Vord assault the First Lord in his Citadel. Max fights as best he can, but he is still severely injured. The decision is made to leave him in his disguise so that, if he's killed, the Vord may discontinue their assault thinking their target is dead. Fortunately, the Vord are stopped before this point.

Cursor’s Fury[]

Max, as a centurion, and Tribune Antillar in the First Aleran, teaches Tavi what it is to be Legion, including how to fight in a unit like a legionare. He is a rock for Captain Scipio at the Elinarch Bridge, calling out his waterfury Androcles to protect him. Max engages in several battles against the Canim invaders, finally employing an old Romanic trick to call fire from the sun. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Max, his stepmother Antillus Dorotea conspires with her brother High Lord Kalarus Brencis to betray Alera —— to her own doom.

Kitai guides Max and her “blind Aleran” (art by Jaidan Wolf)

Max rides with Tavi/Scipio and Kitai to rescue Ehren at the Ellenarch

Captain’s Fury[]

Max nearly dies battling the Canim, due to the egregious incompetence and rank ambitions of Senator Arnos. Lady Isana heals him.

Princeps’ Fury[]

Cover art Canim wolf ships

Max sails west across Mare Nostrum to Canea with Princeps’ Octavian and the First Aleran legion, along with Warmaster Varg’s Narashan Canim fleet and Durias and the Free Alerans. In Shuar, they battle a Vord queen and rescue thousands of desperate Canim refugees. Max learns to respect several Canim warriors, to cuss in Canim, and to hate his taurga — “Steak and New Boots”

First Lord’s Fury[]

Calderon Valley Fortifications

Defenses in Calderon Valley

Max supports Tavi and the First Aleran until the end, even though he is badly injured in the Vord War. While still weak and dazed, he crafts a defensive ditch for the soldiers around the ruined steadholt Aricholt — which became the vord queen’s nest — in the Calderon Valley. In the epilogue, he has been promoted to Captain of the First Aleran and wears the insignia of the Battle Crows. He is still hoping to win the heart of Veradis, heir to Ceres

Battle Crows banner First Aleran