Miles is the Captain of the Crown legion and brother to Araris Valerian. Miles is steadfast and reliable, defending his First Lord and his country at great risk to his own life. He has a limp in one leg from an old injury he received from being pushed in front of a wagon by Araris to prevent Miles from dueling Aldrick ex Gladius.

Furycrafting Edit

Metalcrafting Edit

Miles is an accomplished metalcrafter and one of the greatest swordsmen in Alera. He was a member of Princeps Septimus' Singulares up until his injury prevented him from carrying out his duties. He uses his metalcrafting nearly constantly to dull the pain of his leg, allowing him to run and fight almost as well as he could before his injury. Miles is able to bend metal, using his metalcraft to hold a metal door against the Vord-taken Canim in Academ's Fury.

Academ's Fury Edit

Miles meets Tavi while the young Academ is running errands for the First Lord. Miles is one of the few trusted people told of the first Lord's illness, and works to defend him while he is incapacitated. When the Vord-controlled Canim attack the Capital Miles fights them off to protect the unconscious Sextus alongside Tavi, Max, and Kitai.

Trivia Edit

"Miles" is the Latin word for "soldier," indicating his profession.