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The night when many important Lords and Ladies were assassinated by Kalarus Brencis' feared Immortals. Canim Ritualists created a strong spell that cloaked the entire sky in a blood-red cloud that attacked any flying Knight Aeries. Only possession of a Canim Bloodstone could ward off the deadly cloud.

High Lord Kalarus was the madman behind this infamous night. His dreaded Immortals were first seen during the events of book 3, Cursor's Fury, on the Night of Red Stars. Immortals were sent to Ceres to Vorello’s Pool dining grotto, to assassinate powerful Citizens within the nobility and military structure, and members of the Dianic League, an anti-slavery organization, including High Ladies of Rhodes and Phrygia (chapter 13-14).

Amara, Bernard, Isana, and Fade were involved in the initial attack, with Fade receiving a life-threatening injury. Even Centurion Giraldi was there. High Lady Placidus Aria was kidnapped and held as political hostage, along with the teenage daughter of Atticus Quentin.

This major attack initiated Kalarus’s attempted coup/ Aleran Civil War and the Canim invasion.