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Character of Odiana


Odiana is a powerful watercrafter and ex-slave in the service of Aquitainus Attis and Inivida. She is the lover of mercenary captain and famed swordsman Aldrick ex Gladius. Odiana has been in the employ of the Aquitaines since Furies Of Calderon.


Odiana is a gorgeous woman of medium height, estimated to be in her 30s, though her watercrafting abilities make her age difficult to pin down. Odiana has long black hair, fair skin, and a curvaceous figure. She is often described as having a dazed look on her face, with a hint of crazy that threatens to break through.


Odiana and her family grew up on a steadholt until she was sold into slavery to pay for her father's debts. Odiana doesn't often speak of her past, though it is clear she was sexually abused during her time in slavery.

Furies of Calderon[]

Odiana is hired by the Aquitaines along with Aldrick and Fidelias to incite violence in the Calderon Valley in an attempt to weaken the political and military power of the First Lord.



Odiana is a powerful watercrafter, able to contend with other heavy hitting crafters like Isana. Adept at modifying her appearance, Odiana can easily and quickly modify her body to look like just about anyone. Odiana has displayed prowess in combat, able to control and manipulate bodies of water to attack and wash away opponents. Like all powerful watercrafters Odiana is able to sense the emotions of others, often without intention. Due to her difficult background in poverty and slavery, Odiana is more tolerant to negative emotions than most watercrafters who have not experienced the level of torture and mental anguish she endured.

Odiana has displayed powerful healing abilities, using her watercrafting to heal soldiers who suffered major wounds in battle.



Odiana is associated with the Windwolves, a mercenary group for hire. As a powerful Watercrafter and lover of Aldrick, Odiana appears to be one of the more prominent members of the group.


Aquitaine has hired the Windwolves to serve in many of his schemes, with Odiana as one of the main agents in his employ. They have little more than a working relationship.

Aldrick ex Gladius[]

Odiana and Aldrick are lovers, and despite their oddities they seem to be genuinely fond of each other. Given her horrific past Odiana manages to stay fairly sane as long as Aldrick is nearby, often quieting and sinking into his comforting embrace when he comes near. Odiana may see Aldrick as a pillar of strength in her otherwise unstable world. In addition her powerful watercrafting sometimes gives her too much emotional connection to others, and Aldrick's consistency may be a comforting relief to her.


Odiana has worked with Fidelias on several missions as one of the other elite members of the Windwolves. They seem to have a good working relationship but don't hold much of a friendship beyond that.