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Parcia is the southern-most city/region in Alera. It is south of Attica, between Forcia and Rhodes. It is on the coast of the Sea, with warm winds and lovely beaches, so its economy is based on tourism (the best chefs in the realm, fine dining establishments), as well as fishing, and shipping — not to mention slaving and smuggling, including human trafficking.

  • The Canim had burned Parcia to the ground some four hundred years before” (Cursor's Fury ch 12)

Noted Parcians[]

  • Caria Gaius is first said to be the daughter of High Lord Parcius (book 1) but later in book 3 she is said to be the daughter of Atticus Quentin.
"not even High Lord Parcius, Caria’s father" (Furies of Calderon chapter 7)
  • Parcia is the birthplace of Amara.
"The Countess looked as she always did—distant, golden, and difficult to read. She had the warm, honey brown skin characteristic of the folk of sunny Parcia in the south" (Cursor's Fury ch 12)
  • Pirellus, Knight Commander of Garrison, metalcrafter and swordsman, is also from Parcia (Furies of Calderon, ch 35)
"Amara heard a door open behind her, and a calm, almost languid voice said, in a lazy Parcian drawl, “He’s having his bath. But he’s always at the disposal of a lady.” …He was a man, taller than most, his skin the dark golden brown of her own." (Furies of Calderon, ch 35)

High Lord and Lady[]

These are bit players. We never learn their names.

  • High Lord Parcia — not much is said of him. He dies in book 6, as a footnote mainly
  • High Lady Parcia — killed at Vorello’s Pool, a fine dining grotto, when the Immortals attacked in book 3, Cursor's Fury

Apparently, Parcia was not in a rush to ingratiate himself to High Lord Kalarus Brencis, and did not attend his Wintersend party, which may be why Kalarus had High Lady Parcia assassinated in book 3.

“Parcia and Attica have not come— but they’ve sent their senior Senators as proxies. That’s going to anger Kalare. It’s a calculated insult.” The little courtesan’s eyes swept around the garden. “Lord and Lady Riva are here...” (Cursor’s Fury ch 21)

SPOILER !!! Book 6[]

SPOILER First Lord's Fury !!! SPOILER


In book 6, Prologue, Parcia falls to the Vord after its High Lord was assassinated, perhaps by Aquitainus Invidia

Ehren ex Cursori reports that after the High Lord of Parcia was killed in the Vord War, the city was taken quickly. Meanwhile, some Parcian refugees managed to evacuate by ship and flee to neighboring Rhodes.

“From what we have heard from the survivors, High Lord Parcius was assassinated. The vord didn’t assault and breach the walls until after he had fallen.”…. “The Parcian fleet was continuing the evacuation right up until the very end. If they stayed near the coastlines, they could have employed much smaller vessels as well and loaded all of the ships very heavily. They may have taken as many as seventy or even eighty thousand people around the cape to Rhodes.” (FLF Prologue)

In the epilogue, Varg, High Lord of Parcia, does the reading at the marriage of Tavi and Kitai