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Phrygiar Navaris (f) is head singulare for Senator Arnos during the events of Captain's Fury, and serves as one of the main antagonists of the novel. Navaris is widely considered to be one of the best duelists in Alera, if mad. To prove her worth, she has murdered dozens of citizens through duels and assassinations.


Now a middle-aged woman, lean, whipcord, with short salt and pepper hair and flat black eyes, Navaris was born an illegitimate child of Phrygius. In childhood, Navaris suffered deeply from rejection, deprivation, and poor self-image. She suffers still, like a maddened dog.

As with any illegitimate child, Navaris is tagged by the name of her father, Phrygius (perhaps Phrygius Gunter, current High Lord). Phrygiar ends with -ar, the suffix that denotes a bastard. Navaris was raised instead in the city house, probably a work house. She was claimed by the city, Phrygia.

Side note: This -ar ending is seen also with Max Antillar, bastard of Antillus Raucus, but unlike Phrygiar Navaris, Max was claimed by his father and raised at his father’s Ancestral Halls, until he ran off to join the legions and escape his wicked stepmother, Antillus Dorotea.

Captain’s Fury[]

Phrygiar Navaris is the head enforcer for Senator Arnos, who sought to gain power and fame by commanding the Legions at the Elinarch and the small towns on the west coast, during the events of the Canim invasion. She stands as a constant threat to compliment Arnos' political savvy, adding the danger of potential assassination to the risks of crossing Arnos and his schemes.



Phrygiar Navaris is an accomplished metalcrafter, utilizing her crafting to bolster her already formidable dueling skills. Through her metalcrafting she is able to dull pain, increase her endurance, and harden her sword to increase her combat abilities.