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Second son of High Lord and Lady Phrygia.

Lord and Lady Phrygia have two sons. One serves at his father’s side in battle. The younger son is Master Cyricus. He stays at home to maintain order in the city and territory when his father is away.

"Phrygius Cyricus, seneschal of Phrygia and commander of its defending legions while his father was in the field”

Cyricus is sixteen years old, an almost painfully thin young man, dressed in the white-and-green livery of the House of Phrygius."[1]

Young Cyricus has the respect of his father’s officers. He speaks with a stammer, and is quite thin, but he is courageous enough to confront a potential Canim threat to his people. He is also intelligent, prepared, and perceptive. He wins the respect of Tavi and Kitai, and even Varg.

Varg’s ears quivered. He bowed from the waist to the youth. “It will be as you say in your house, young Master.” Then he glanced at Tavi, and rumbled, in Canish, “Does the pup remind you of anyone, Tavar?” (FLF chapter 25)
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