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Placida refers to a city and to the surrounding region. The city itself is one of the Alera's great cities, the residence of a High House. Placida is located north of Ceres and the arable Amaranth Vale, in west-central Alera. The region lies between Antillus and Phrygia, and slightly south of them. A mountain range frames Placida’s northern territory, and further north is the Shieldwall.

Noble Family[]

The High House of Placidus rules Placida. Unlike most of the nobility, High Lord Placidus Sandos and High Lady Placidus Aria married for love. They have one son named Garius, who fought on the Shieldwall with the Legions of House Antillus.

Colors & Sigil[]

The color of the House of Placidus, and subsequently the high city and surrounding region, is "a rich, deep emerald whose dye was derived from a plant found only in the high reaches of the mountains near Placida" (Academ's Fury chapter 21). Emerald Green distinguishes House Placidus, the entire city, and the legions.

The emblem of this High House is the "Twin Bulls of Placida"

Placidus flag

House Placidus: Twin Bulls on Emerald Field


"and there, blazing green lightning shaped like the twin bulls of Placida sent Vord sailing fifty feet into the air," (Princep's Fury, the siege of Ceres).

In Princeps' Fury Lord Placida responds to the Vord crisis with an entire mounted legion

Ancestral Halls[]

The ancestral halls of the High House of Placida is mere four stories tall, which are smaller and less elaborate than some High Lords build, such as Rivus Grantus for one example. The home is formed in ana open square around a central courtyard and garden. The home and halls are exquisitely maintained and the building itself was crafted into simple perfection. "The furniture likewise was exactingly made and lovingly maintained".

Other Placidans[]

Captain Cyril of the First Aleran Legion was born in Placida.

“My name is Ritius Cyril,” he continued, after they had joined the circle. “Many of you know me. For those who don’t, I was born in Placida, but my home is here, in the Legions. I have served terms as a legionare in Phrygia, Riva, and Antillus, and as a marine in Parcia. I served as a Knight Ferrous in Antillus, as a Tribune Auxiliarus, Tribune Tactica, and Knight Tribune, as well as Legion Subtribune. I have seen action against the Icemen, the Canim, and the Marat. This is my first Legion command.” (Cursor’s Fury chapter 4)


The Placidas possess no slaves in their household and blur the line between freeman and Citizen to the point that Isana had trouble telling the difference. The citizens of Placida put less emphasis on their own station and more on their duties. Isana regards these factors as reflections of the Placidas themselves and holds them in high esteem.