Placidus Aria is the High Lady of Placida and wife of Placidus Sandos.


Aria is a beautiful woman with fiery red hair and fair skin. She is tall, slender, and strong.

Personality Edit

Like her appearance Aria has a vibrant and fiery personality. She is polite and considerate, but is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in. Aria does not enjoy the slimy politics of Alera's elite citizenry, but tolerates them enough to play the game.

Furycrafting Edit

As a High Lord Aria is a powerful crafter in most forms of furycrafting.

Firecrafting Edit

Although Aria is competent in every type of fury crafting, she seems to favor firecrafting the most. She is able to manifest a fire fury in the form of a small hunting falcon. Aria often sends her fire falcon into battle to attack and distract her enemies, and is often seen carrying the bird on her outstretched arm.

Windcrafting Edit

Aria can use windcrafting to fly, and is strong enough to bear the weight of a couple others on her windstream for short periods of time.

Earthcrafting Edit

Aria can use earthcrafting to give her tremendous strength, strong enough to fight even the huge stone gargoyles of Kalare.

Watercrafting Edit

Aria is a strong watercrafter, and has demonstrated her ability to easily sense the emotions of others. She is a potent healer, able to heal fatal wounds without the use of a healing tub.

Metalcrafting Edit

Aria is an accomplished swordsman(or swordswoman) and uses her metalcrafting to bolster her skills. She can use her metalcrafting to shield her from pain and to harden her sword, causing sparks to fly from it during combat.

Woodcrafting Edit

Aria has shown very little of her ability to woodcraft, but as a high lord it is likely she is able to use a fair degree of woodcrafting.


Aria appears in Academ's Fury, Cursor's Fury, Princeps' Fury, and First Lord's Fury.

Early LifeEdit

Aria attended the Academy at the same time as Antillus Raucus and Kalarus Brencis. She and Raucus became good friends during this time. Aria soon made a name for herself by being the first woman to earn Citizenship through victory in a juris macto duel. Sometime after that, she married Placidus Sandos. Their marriage is unique among the High Lords of Alera because it was for love rather than politics. Both she and Sandos preferred to stay out of politics and didn't ally themselves with any of the possible contenders for the throne.

Academ's FuryEdit

Isana is introduced to Aria while attending Kalarus's Wintersend party.

Trivia Edit

  • Aria's Fire Falcon could be based off of the Pokemon Moltres, another fire bird.