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Aria the High Lady of Placida

Aria High Lady of Placida Fire Falcon

Aria, High Lady of Placida, with her fire falcon

Placidus Aria is the High Lady of Placida and wife of Placidus Sandos.


Aria is a beautiful woman with fiery red hair and fair skin. She is tall, slender, and strong. No longer a young woman, she and Sandos have one adult son named Garius. She is probably somewhat older than Isana.

Amara saw Lord and Lady Placida descending, an unlikely-looking couple: He was stout, plain, and blocky, a man who looked more like a blacksmith or woodworker than a High Lord of Alera. She was tall, regal, a fiercely beautiful woman with long red hair barely constrained by a long braid and an aura of fiery intensity. Both wore Legion armor and carried swords. She carried a slender dueling blade, while Lord Placida bore a great monster of a sword on a belt over one shoulder, a weapon suitable for felling gargants and medium-sized trees with a single stroke. (First Lord’s Fury ch 12)


No shrinking violet, Aria has a vibrant and fiery personality. She is polite and considerate, but is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in. She is a member of the anti-slavery women’s group, the Dianic League. Aria does not enjoy the slimy politics of Alera's elite Citizenry, but tolerates them enough to play the game. She takes good care of the people of Placida.


As a High Lady, Aria is a powerful crafter in most forms of furycrafting.


Although Aria is competent in every type of fury crafting, she seems to favor firecrafting the most. She is able to manifest a fire fury in the form of a small hunting falcon. Aria often sends her fire falcon into battle to attack and distract her enemies, and is often seen carrying the bird on her outstretched arm.


Aria can use windcrafting to fly, and is strong enough to bear the weight of a couple others on her windstream for short periods of time.


Aria can use earthcrafting to give her tremendous strength, strong enough to fight even the huge stone gargoyles of Kalare


Aria is a strong watercrafter, and has demonstrated her ability to easily sense the emotions of others. She is a potent healer, able to heal fatal wounds without the use of a healing tub.


Aria is an accomplished duelist and uses her metalcrafting to bolster her skills. She can use her metalcrafting to shield her from pain and to harden her sword, causing sparks to fly from it during combat.

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Aria has shown very little of her ability to woodcraft, but as a high lady it is likely she is able to use a fair degree of woodcrafting.


Aria appears in Academ's Fury, Cursor's Fury, Princeps' Fury, and First Lord's Fury.

Early Life[]

Aria attended the Academy at the same time as Antillus Raucus and Kalarus Brencis. She and Raucus became good friends during this time. Aria soon made a name for herself by being the first woman to earn Citizenship through victory in a juris macto duel. She also defeated the obnoxious High Lord of Rhodes easily when he wouldn’t take no for an answer to his courtship. She married Placidus Sandos. Their marriage is unique among the noble citizens of Alera because it was for love rather than politics. Both she and Sandos preferred to stay out of politics and didn't ally themselves with any of the possible contenders for the throne.

Academ's Fury[]

Isana is introduced to Aria while attending a Wintersend Party at the seasonal residence of Kalarus Brencis in Alera Imperia. Aria intervenes when Kalarus attempts to murder some academs who, in self-defense, injured his son, Kalarus Brencis Minoris.

Cursor’s Fury[]

Aria and the teenage daughter of Atticus Quentin are kidnapped from Vorello’s Pool in Ceres by Immortals and Bloodcrows sent by Kalarus Brencis. They are held as a political hostage to his plans, and rescued by Amara and Bernard, along with the duplicitous Aquitainus Invidia, her mercenary Aldrick ex Gladius and his lover, the watercrafter Odiana.

Princep’s Fury[]

Aria shelters Isana at the Ancestral Halls of Placida. She goes with Isana to Alera Imperia’s Senatorium for the call to battle. She supports Isana in her efforts to convince Antillus Raucus to send his Legions south to join the other legions in the Vord War. She loses her temper when Isana tries to mediate peace between Antillus and the Icemen, not realizing that her metalcrafting clashes with their watercrafting. She uses her watercrafting skills to heal a severe battle wound.

First Lord’s Fury[]

Aria and her husband Placidus Sandos engage the Vord until nearly the end of the Vord War. They are both injured severely but they suvive.


  • Aria's Fire Falcon could be based off of the Pokemon Moltres, another fire bird.