Codex Alera Wiki

City / Province: Placida

House name: Placidus

Sir name: Sandos

Rank: High Lord, one of Alera’s most powerful Citizens

Wife: Placidus Aria

Son: Placidus Garius, adult

Placidus flag

Twin Bulls of Placida

Sandos is a bluff, kind man, and a responsible land owner. He protects his tenants and legions. However, he is willing to fight when needed. He is in love with his wife, Aria. He fights alongside her in the Vord War, the emerald green of his Legions showcasing the twin bulls of Placida. He commands / oversees three legions, the First, Second, and Third Placidan, one of which was entirely mounted (Princeps' Fury). In disgust, he literally threw the slimy Senator Valerius out on his ass during a command meeting in the Calderon Valley (First Lord’s Fury).

Amara saw Lord and Lady Placida descending, an unlikely-looking couple: He was stout, plain, and blocky, a man who looked more like a blacksmith or woodworker than a High Lord of Alera. She was tall, regal, a fiercely beautiful woman with long red hair barely constrained by a long braid and an aura of fiery intensity. Both wore Legion armor and carried swords. She carried a slender dueling blade, while Lord Placida bore a great monster of a sword on a belt over one shoulder, a weapon suitable for felling gargants and medium-sized trees with a single stroke. (First Lord’s Fury ch 12)
"Blazing green lightning shaped like the twin bulls of Placida sent Vord sailing fifty feet into the air" (Princep's Fury, the siege of Ceres).