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Princeps’ Memorium


The Princeps' Memorium is a dome built in the Calderon Valley near the base of Mt. Garados. It enshrines the Princeps Gaius Septimus, who died fighting the Marat horde, in the Battle of First Calderon, 15 years prior to the events of Furies of Calderon . It is said to have been erected within the span of a single day, and is guarded by strong furies to keep undesirable creatures out. 


From the exterior, it’s a marble dome with a seven-pointed star symbolizing the First Lord of Alera, of the House of Gaius.

"a great dome of marble the height of three men. Its open entryway glowed with a soft golden light, and above it, writ into the marble in gold, was the seven-pointed star of the First Lord of Alera." (FLF, ch 56)
"The interior of the dome was made not of marble, but of crystal, the walls of it rising high and smooth to the ceiling twenty feet above. Once, the scale and grandeur of the place had instilled in Tavi a sense of awe. Now, he saw it differently. He knew the scale and difficulty of furycraft it had taken to raise this place from the ground. . ." (FLF, ch 56)

The number seven is apparent within the memorial dome. Seven fires, seven suits of armor, a seven-pointed star, etc.

The Princeps' Memorium is dome-shaped and the interior is made of crystal. Inside, seven fires on the outside of the room burn, their light reflecting off the crystal walls. In the centre of the room is a pool and around it grew rich foliage, bushes, grass, flowers, and even trees. Between the fires are seven suits of armor, with scarlet capes, bronze shields, and ivory-hilted swords of the royal guard, standing to watch over a statue of Princeps Gaius Septimus, who lays in the centre of the pool. He lies on a block of black basalt and is made of the purest white marble. His eyes are closed, and his hands, lying on top of his breast, are clasped around a sword. He wears a cloak around one shoulder and beneath that, a breastplate. At his feet lay a helm, emblazoned with the crest of House Gaius. 

Supply Stash[]

Gaius Sextus stocked the Memorium with weapons, armor, fire, clothing, water, and food for any agents or Cursors of the Crown that might seek shelter and supplies on their way through Calderon Valley. This is perhaps an example of the clairvoyance long manifested by the House of Gaius. Certainly, the entire memorial vault displays cunning and wisdom.