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High Lord of Rhodes

  • High Lord Rhodus Martinus
  • High Lady Rhodus — dead, killed in Ceres at Vorello’s Pool dining grotto by Bloodcrows and Immortals, sent by Kalarus Brencis (CF, ch 14)

High Lord Rhodus Matinez is ambitious, cunning, and aligned against the First Lord, much like Kalare and Aquitaine.

“power-seekers like the Aquitaines, Rhodes, and Kalarus” (Princeps' Fury, ch 14)
"The High Lord of Rhodes. The old man was a schemer, a man of dangerous ambition, and only the fact that his city neighbored that of the Aquitaines had prevented him from being a more serious threat to the Realm than Kalarus had been.” (Princeps’ Fury, ch 19, Siege of Ceres)

Rhodus is watched by his nearest neighbor, Aquitainus Attis and Aquitainus Invidia, rivals in power-games who keep him in check somewhat, for their own ends.

Spoilers!! Books 5-6[]

Twenty-three years previously, Rhodus had conspired with Kalarus to murder Gaius Septimus, the former princeps. Aquitainus Invidia admits that she nudged them to do it.

“It was easy. Rhodus. Kalarus. It barely took a whisper to put the idea in their minds.” (FLF ch 27)

Gaius Sextus gets revenge finally, positioning Rhodus to die in the Vord War.

“His progenitor’s progenitor waited nearly twenty-five years to take his vengeance when the time was right.” (First Lord's Fury ch 19) (Queen implies that Tavi is nearly 25 now, but other texts suggest he's 23)

Rhodus dies in the Siege of Ceres (Princeps’ Fury, ch 19, Siege of Ceres)

“You knew Rhodes was going to be killed when you sent him out there,” Ehren said quietly.
“Did I?” Gaius asked. ..“Rhodes was powerful, in a personal sense, but he never saw any further than the ends of his own fingertips. No different than Lord Kalarus, really, except that Rhodes was more intelligent and had more dangerous neighbors. ..The Citizenry has been blind to the threat the Vord represent, certain they would be easily overcome. That arrogance was as dangerous to us as the Vord. After tonight, it will no longer be an issue.” (Princeps’ Fury ch 20)
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