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Rill is the name of Isana's water fury, named after a river. 💦 💦 Rill plays a key role in every book of the series.

When Isana was a young teenager in the Calderon Valley, she bonded with this water fury while gazing into the Rillwater.

"Rill always remembered what Isana had looked like, the day they’d found one another, and always appeared in the same way as when Isana, then a gawky girl not quite Beritte’s age, had gazed down into a quiet, lovely pool. “Rill,” Isana said, and touched the surface of the water. The liquid in the bowl curled over her finger and then swirled around quietly in response to her." (Furies of Calderon chapter 3)

The fury named Rill is not confined to the river Rillwater; she can access all waters of the world.

The actual Rill river itself is an energetic brook that babbles not far from Bernardholt. In some areas, it widens into a river.

"He fell back, into the swift, shallow, chilling flow of the Rillwater, blinking and trying to focus his eyes" (Furies of Calderon chapter 19). This fury has great potential, and as Isana grows in experience and wisdom, she begins to see just how much Rill can do.

She is a surprisingly versatile fury; together, she and Isana work wonders. Isana uses Rill for healing, for battle, for defense, for cosmetic adjustment, and to communicate across distances, from one body of water or scrying bowl to another, as described below:

"The sounds of the brook began to change. A column of water rose straight up out of the brook, taking on human form as it did so, until it had formed into a liquid sculpture of Tavi’s aunt, Isana, a woman with the youthful form and features of a strong watercrafter, but the bearing and voice of a mature adult." (Furies of Calderon chapter 3)
"The little river had exceeded itself and flooded its banks, and those cold, silent waters began to swallow Bittan’s fires as swiftly as they had spread. The waters rose, and in that screaming cyclone of the furystorm, Tavi was uncertain how anyone, even his aunt, could survive such an onslaught of the elements." (Furies of Calderon chapter 21)