The city of Riva is one of the High Cities of Alera. It is ruled by the contemporary High Lord and Lady of the House of Rivus; during the Codex Alera series, the city and surrounding regions/territories are ruled by High Lord Rivus Grantus and his wife, High Lady Rivus. High Lord Rivus also includes the Calderon Valley in his domain, and in Furies of Calderon maintained 2 Cohorts to defend Garrison from the Marat. The city of Riva is ornate, boasting many high towers and intricate architecture. This can be attributed to Lord Riva's love of construction and architecture.

The House of RivusEdit

As the seat of the House of Rivus, the city of Riva and it's surrounding territories share the House of Rivus's colors of scarlet and gold.

First Lord's Fury Edit

Riva is the site of one of the last battles against the Vord Horde. The bulk of the Aleran refugees and the remaining legions retreat to Riva after Alera Imperia falls to the Vord. The city is abandoned after the Vord force their way into the city, causing the Aleran forces to fall back to Garrison.