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Map of Alera by Spencer, colorized by fan
Rivus Flag

House Rivus’ crimson and gold banner

Riva —- the city and surrounding lands —- is one of the twelve realms of Alera. See High Lord for the complete list. See also Maps for Codex Alera Series

Rivan Leigelord[]

Riva is currently ruled by High Lord Rivus Grantus. Rivus Grantus is the liegelord for all his lands, and is responsible for protecting all his people. Rivan territory includes the Calderon Valley, all the way east to the fortress at Garrison, positioned to defend the border of Alera.

It falls to High Lord Rivus to deploy legionares — he assigned only a partial Legion — to defend Garrison. This fortress stands to counter possible invasions from the bordering lands of Maratea, the barbarian Marat.

Unlike his neighbor to the north —- High Lord Phrygius Guntus of Phrygia —- High Lord Rivus Grantus is not much concerned with matters of war and the defense of the Realm, but he is responsible for holding the far east border of Alera.


The city of Riva is ornate, boasting many high towers and intricate architecture. This can be attributed to High Lord Riva's love of earthcrafting, construction, and architecture. It is a bit much.

"Riva’s lofty towers—Great furies, what kind of crowbegotten competitive delusion infected this city’s architects, to build so many of the bloody things?—presented a dizzying aerial maze of cornices, arches, and spires." (High Lord’s Fury, ch 20)

Colors: House of Rivus[]

As the seat of the House of Rivus, the city of Riva and it's surrounding territories share the House of Rivus's colors of crimson and gold.

Spoilers in First Lord's Fury[]



Riva is the site of one of the last battles against the Vord Horde in the Vord War. The bulk of the Aleran refugees and the remaining Legions retreat to Riva after Alera Imperia is gone. However, respite is short, for Riva is ill prepared and underequipped. The city is taken in a day. It must be abandoned after the Vord force their way into the city. In Riva, yet another High Lord — Spoiler — is mortally wounded, causing the Aleran forces to fall back to Garrison at the eastern end of the Calderon Valley. The fortress at Garrison and the entire valley has been heavily fortified by His Excellency, Bernard of Calderonus and his Countess, Amara.