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Rivus Grantus is High Lord of the city-state /territory of Riva. The mountain fortress Garrison and the entire Calderon Valley is within his domain. Riva (city) is filled with towers and highly embellished buildings, a showcase for this city of engineers, the High Lord’s love for architecture, and his skill as a powerful earthcrafter.

The House of Rivus[]

Rivus Flag

House of Rivus, crimson and gold

As the seat of the House of Rivus, the city of Riva and its surrounding territories share the House of Rivus’ colors of crimson and gold. The High Lord lives in the highest tower in the city, and that’s saying something. Some of the finest engineers live in Riva.


Grantus is married, but little is said in the series of High Lady Rivus or of any children. They were both disgruntled when Gaius Sextus appointed Bernard as Count over Garrison and the Calderon Valley without consulting them.

“Lord and Lady Riva probably aren’t going to be very interested in helping you, I’m afraid. They very much resent how the First Lord appointedyour brother as the new Count Calderon without consulting them on the matter.” (Academ's Fury ch 21)

His nephew is Rivus Ceregus, a nasty bit of work, close friends with the vile Kalarus Brencis Minoris.

“I am Calderonus Amara, whose husband’s walls you are currently sheltering behind,” she replied. Sir Ceregus narrowed his eyes. “And I am Rivus Ceregus, whose uncle, High Lord Rivus, gave your husband his title.” Amara smiled sweetly at him. “No, boy. That was Gaius Sextus, if you’ll recall.”

Lackluster Leige Lord[]

"The rather dumpy Lord of Riva looked a bit out of place in Legion lorica, finely made as it might be." (FLF chapter 35)

High Lord Rivus is a capable furycrafter, but not a warrior. He is not interested in developing battle skills or strategies. He is plump and out of shape. The Rivan Legions are ultimately under his control, but he pays little attention to them. Subsequently, Rivan soldiers are underprepared and do not compare with the battle hardened legions of Antillus, for example. This attitude is irresponsible, given that Riva borders Maratea and Alerans consider the Marat an enemy. This is also irresponsible because the Princeps Gaius Septimus was murdered in his territory.

Rivus is not an unkind overlord, but as a nominal Legion commander he is ignorant, arrogant, and unaware of his own shortcomings. He completely ignored Bernard, when, in his position as Count Calderonus Bernard of Garrison, he warned Lord Rivus to prepare for a Vord attack. He let his personal petulance overshadow his sense of caution, for he was peeved that the First Lord appointed Bernard without consulting him, to replace Gram as the Count who oversees Garrison and the Valley.

“Riva, despite his less-than-legendary intellect, was, after all, a High Lord of Alera, and wielded tremendous power.” (Princep’s Fury)
“Grantus,” Aquitaine said, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Close your cowardly lips over that void in your head where your brains went missing and keep them there. Then put your lazy, shapeless ass back into your chair and do it swiftly. Or face me in the juris macto.” Riva’s eyes grew so round …”(Princep’s Fury ch 6)

SPOILERS !!! book 6[]

The great city of Riva was not prepared for war, much less a Vord War.

"She could see Lord Riva’s entourage, gathered around the man himself, as he paced a steady circle around the balcony, delivering orders to messengers who came and went with desperate haste. Far too much desperate haste, Amara realized. The havoc resulting from the vord assault had thrown the entire defense of the city into chaos; there was no visible air patrol over the High Lord’s tower." (First Lord’s Fury ch 20)
He [Riva] stared out to the southwest, his gaze following the line of the causeway that led back to Riva. “My city taken. My people fleeing for their lives, dying. Starving.” When he spoke again, he sounded like a very tired man. “All I’ve ever wanted for my lands was justice, prosperity, and peace. I’m not much of a soldier. I’m a builder, Countess. I was so pleased with how many folk were moving through the lands to trade, with how much good work you and your husband had done in Calderon. Increasing trade. Building goodwill with the Marat.” (FLF ch 35)

Change of Heart[]

It seems likely that the High Lord of Riva survived the Vord War apocalypse. When last seen in book 6, he made it safely to the walls of Garrison, aided by Doroga-Walker and Amara .

Unlike Antillus, Phrygius, Placidus, and even old Cereus Macius, the High Lords of Riva, Forcia, and Attica aren’t much use in a fight.

“Maybe we should bring Forcia, Attica, and Riva.” Cereus shook his head. “They’ve never been fighters, I’m afraid. In a close-quarters fight, they’d be more dangerous to us than to the vord.” (HLF, ch 43)

However, Rivus Grantus does help shore up defenses in the Calderon Valley. After some postulating, the formerly negligent master humbly offered his earth-crafting to shore up defenses.

“Count Calderon,” Riva said, his voice becoming somewhat stilted and formal, “I realize that our relationship has been . . . a distant one. And that you have doubtless already worked very hard to prepare the valley’s defenses. Nonetheless, I should like to volunteer my skills and those of my engineers to do whatever we can to help.” Bernard eyed him again. “I’m not a very good soldier, Your Excellency,” Riva said. “But I know about building. (FLF ch 37)
There was the roar of a nearby windstream, and Riva, dressed in trousers and a loose, unbuttoned shirt, his hair a wildly tossed mess, looked blearily around the wall. He spotted Bernard and moved to him, lifting his fist in a salute and glancing out at the bulks as he did. He froze. “Bloody crows.”
“Bloody crows,” agreed Gram.
“We need water,” Bernard said to Riva. “My lord, we need to water that ground, and we need to do it now.”
Riva opened and closed his mouth a few times, then seemed to shake himself. “Oh, of course. Bog them down. We’d need a river to do it in time.”
“The Rillwater,” Bernard said. “It isn’t far from here. Maybe a quarter mile southwest.” (First Lord’s Fury ch 45)