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Rook grew up in Kalare territory, and was forced into slavery and prostitution by the High Lord, the ruthless yet weak Kalarus Brencis. Because she is a skilled watercrafter, an intelligent woman, and skillful with blade, bow, poison, and garrote, she was made chief spy and assassin for the Bloodcrows. Kalarus forced this upon her: He holds her five-year-old daughter Masha as hostage in his tower, to ensure Rook’s obedience and loyalty. Rook loves her child Masha very much. She is not sure who Masha’s father is, because she was forced to sleep with many men, including Kalarus himself. She is afraid of what Kalarus will do to Masha. He has put Slave Collars on hundreds of children in his territory, driven them insane in childhood to serve him fanatically as Immortals.


Discipline Collar / Collared Child grows into an Immortal

Spoilers! by Book[]


Book 2[]


In Academ's Fury, Rook goes undercover to Alera Imperia, disguised via watercrafting as a student in Cursor training. Her false identity is Gaella, a real student that she murdered. Cursor Legate Killian made this substitution happen by agreement with Kalarus, hoping to learn more about Kalare’s plans through the spy. He came to regret this. Gaella/Rook betrays various Cursors, including her friend Tavi, nearly to his death. She is also responsible for revealing the whereabouts of Isana, who is on K’s hit list. By the end of the book, Tavi and Gaius Sextus have figured out who Gaella really is, so they plan to feed her false information and use her for misdirection in other ways.

Book 3[]

In Cursor's Fury, acting on orders from the First Lord, Tavi asks his “friend” Gaella to deliver a message for him, because he is in a rush and has no time to do so himself. The message states that Gaius Sextus has decided to act against Kalare. As expected, Rook /Gaella delivers the message to her master in Kilare. He becomes enraged and decides to immediately initiate his rebellion plans. (Cursor’s Fury, prologue)

So, acting on Kalarus’ orders, fearing for her child’s life, Rook attempts to assassinate Isana when prominent members of the anti-slavery Dianic League are gathered at Vorello’s Pool, an outdoor dining grotto in Ceres. Indeed, dozens of Kalare’s Immortals are there too, disguised as waiters. They kill several members of the Dianic League, including the High Ladies of Phrygia and Rhodes. (Cursor’s Fury, chapter 12-14)

Bernard and Amara are also present during this attack, dining at the grotto with Isana, enjoying a vacation with family. Together with Fade and Centurion Giraldi, they kill several Immortals and capture the Bloodcrow’s chief assassin Rook, but Kalarus succeeds at his plan to kidnap political hostages High Lady Placidus Aria and young Lady Eliana/ Minoria, the teenage daughter of High Lord Atticus. (Cursor’s Fury, chapter 12-14)

Cursor Amara, with Bernard, leads a mission that includes Invidia and her windwolves Odiana and Aldrick ex Gladius, to extract the ladies from the High Lord’s personal chambers in Kalare, so they cannot be used as political levers. Amara decides to bring the captured Rook along for her in-depth knowledge of Kalare, and to also rescue/free Rook’s captive five-year-old daughter, Masha. The extraction mission is a success. Bernard’s salted arrow seriously cripples Kalarus when he plummets into a forest during the flight out of Kalare. Then Bernard, Amara, Rook, and Aria collaborate to deal with the treacherous Aquitainus Invidia when she shows her true colors. They manage to totally outwit Invidia and her stooges.

Rook is granted pardon. High Lady Placidus Aria, happy to honor the requests of Amara and Bernard, finds a steadholt in Placida where Rook and Masha can live quietly. She gives them two ponies.

Book 5[]

Rook dies in Princeps' Fury. Once again, Rook has been forced into obedience. She is now wearing a slave collar, and is helping Kalarus Brencis Minoris put Slave Collars on Aleran Citizens, especially Knights. When she sees Amara investigating the area, she decides to help her. Rook gives her life to aide Amara — and thereby all Alerans — dying a hero. Amara promises to keep her child Masha safe. Amara and Bernard are able to kill Kalarus and end the Vord’s slave-making operation. They also free the caged citizens and knights, including the old firecrafter from Garrison, Lord Gram, (book 1), and the nasty senator, Valerius. Gram and about 300 knights were caged and in line to be collared when Bernardamara helped them escape to the refugee camp south of Riva.