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Serai appears only in book 2, Academ's Fury.

“War,” Serai responded. “A quiet war fought in alleyways and service corridors. We Cursors are being hunted and killed.” (chapter 12)

She is a Cursor disguised as a courtesan in a slave collar. She’s from Parcia but she is owned by Lord Forcius Rufus. He is the cousin to the High Lord of Forcia, and holds estates at the northern end of the Vale.” (chapter 12)

A tiny woman emerged into the grey light. She might have been almost five feet tall, but even at that height, she looked frail and delicate, as light-boned as a Parcian swallow. She had skin the color of dark honey, and fine, shining hair darker than wet coal. Her gown was made of rich silk, though in subtle shades of brown and grey, and its neckline plunged far more deeply than would be considered proper to any woman of any station whatsoever. Her features were hauntingly lovely, with dark eyes almost too large for her face, and twin ropes of the sunset-colored pearls from the seas near her home province wound through her hair and were matched by a second pair of strands around her throat. The pearls of the necklace were priceless and lovely—but they did not conceal the fact that they were mounted to an elegant slave’s collar. (chapter 11)

Serai is getting on in years, but with watercraft she looks young. She has charm, wits, and sex-appeal and puts it to good use. She serves as Cursor to the Crown. Her primary role is to gather intelligence as a courtesan to the politically powerful. She plies them with wine, aphrodin, whatever it takes to loosen their lips. She is friends with the old cursor Magnus and the old sword master Sir Nadus, and is fond of the young cursor Amara.

She appears in book 2, Academ's Fury, and attempts to keep Isana safe. However, she herself doesn’t survive Kalarus Brencis’s ruthless Bloodcrows.

Excerpt book 2[]

Amara and Serai discussing the situation:

[Amara speaking] “I expected the Cursor Legate to send Mira or Cassandra.”

“Mira was murdered near Kalare three days ago,” Serai responded. She folded her hands, but not before Amara saw how the courtesan’s fingers shook. “Cassandra has been missing from Parcia for several days. She is presumed dead or compromised.”

Amara felt as though someone had punched her in the belly. “Great furies,” she breathed. “What has happened?”

“War,” Serai responded. “A quiet war fought in alleyways and service corridors. We Cursors are being hunted and killed.”

“But who?” Amara breathed, Serai moved a shoulder in a slow shrug. “Who? Our best guess is Kalare,” she said.

“But how did he know where to hit us?”

“Treachery, of course. Our people have been killed in their beds, their baths. Whoever these people are, someone who knows us is telling them where to strike.”

“Fidelias,” Amara said. The word tasted bitter.

“Potentially,” Serai said. (Academ’s Fury, ch 12)