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The Shieldwall is a massive fury-crafted structure that spans the northern border of Alera. See Maps for Codex Alera Series.

It protects Alera from the Icemen. The Sheildwall is defended by the High Lords of the cities Antillus and Phrygia and their legions. The wall is under constant attack from the Icemen. The two Shieldwall cities have the most warlike culture out of all Alera, and have the most experienced legions. The High Lords of these cities each have three legions as well as a formidable militia force.

"The Icemen had been largely neutralized by the Shieldwall, centuries before." (Princep’s Fury ch 6)

Notable Commanders[]

Antillus Flag

  • High Lord Guntus Phrygius of Phrygia, flying a glacial green flag
House Phrygius flag
  • Max also served on the Shieldwall (Phrygian Legion) before travelling to Alera Imperia for Cursor training
  • Marcus Valerian also served on the shieldwall, and was awarded the honorific Valerian by High Lord Antillus Raucus at the time

Impact []

The legions of the Shieldwall were a huge asset in the Vord War. Due to Isana the men of the shield cities came down in force to help the Aleran retreat and proved key against the vord.