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Slave Collars are more correctly and formally referred to as Discipline Collars.


These discipline collars are metal bands that can be locked around a person, rendering that individual susceptible to the whims of the individual who locked the collar onto them. Typically placed around the neck, in plain sight, they can be locked around the thigh, upper arm, even belly.

Created using metalcrafting Furies by slavers in the southern reaches of Alera, such Collars are used widely in kingdoms where slavery is common.  


Discipline Collars are most commonly used to subdue unruly or disobedient slaves. While most slavers only use slave collars on a few of their most difficult slaves, there are some slavers that use them widely. High Lord Kalarus Brencis in particular uses the collars on any slaves he deems even mildly important. He has gone so far as to create armies of slaves, including the mentally demented Immortals.


Those wearing the collar will experience euphoria when following the will of the user, and will feel nauseous when disobeying. These effects essentially make the slave completely indentured to the user, otherwise the slave will be in constant pain. 

Over time the slave will suffer long term mental damage due the effect of the collars frequently overriding their natural tendencies and emotions.

Collared Immortals[]

The Immortals are a group of mindless soldiers and assassins under the absolute rule of Kalarus Brencis, High Lord of Kalare. He brought up a whole army of children on slave collars. Using collars, Kalarus was able to break the minds of children, eventually harvesting a force of several hundred men and women absolutely obedient to his will. The damage done to their brains by the collars makes the Immortals immune to pain, able to keep fighting despite fatal wounds.

Kalarus’ "immortals", named after an inscription on their discipline collars "Immortalis", were fanatically loyal, all but immune to pain, and nearly indestructible. (see Cursor's Fury)

Kalarus taught this technique to his son, Kalarus Brencis Minoris. That decision had unintended consequences during the Vord War.


Discipline Collar / Slave Collar: Child grows into an Immortal

Dining Grotto[]

The Immortals were first seen during the events of book 3, Cursor's Fury, on the Night of Red Stars. Immortals were sent to Ceres to Vorello’s Pool dining grotto, to assassinate important individuals, powerful Citizens of nobility and military structure, and members of the Dianic League, an anti-slavery organization, including High Ladies of Rhodes and Phrygia (chapter 13-14). Amara, Bernard, Isana, and Fade were involved in the initial attack, with Fade receiving a life-threatening injury. Even Centurion Giraldi was there. High Lady Placidus Aria was kidnapped and held as political hostage, along with the teenage daughter of Atticus Quentin.

This major attack initiated Kalarus’s attempted coup/ Aleran Civil War and the Canim invasion.


Removing the slave collar by anyone other than the one who locked it in place will result in death to the enslaved.

The enforcer of the slave collar must intentionally will the collar to lock and unlock, and the effect will persist after the death of the enforcer. After the death of the enforcer it appears the collared slave will continue following any instructions last received.

Only one collar can be in effect at any given time. During an infiltration operation Amara and Bernard were able to sneak Amara into a slaving crew by having Bernard lock a slave collar around Amara's thigh, out of sight from her captors. When the slavers locked another slave collar around Amara's neck, it had no effect on her, though she was able to act as if it did to fool the slavers. (Princeps' Fury)


Excerpt Spoiler bk 5[]

SPOILER for Princep’s Fury

Then she knelt over the prostrate young man and ran her fingers lightly through his hair. Brencis shuddered in reaction to her touch, and looked up with eyes as heavy and hopelessly adoring as any of the other slaves in the courtyard. “Tell me what you have accomplished, dear boy,” Lady Aquitaine murmured.
Brencis nodded. “I’ve been working without stop, lady. Recruiting more Citizens and Knights, with a focus on earthcrafters, as you commanded. Another hundred and twenty are now ready to accept orders when you wish it.”
“Very well done,” Lady Aquitaine said, her tone warm with approval. Brencis jerked in place, shivering in forced pleasure.. .“Brencis,” she said, “it’s time for you to tell me how the collaring is accomplished.”
Brencis closed his eyes. His body tensed and twisted again, though this time it was obviously not in pleasure. His face twisted into a grimace, and he said, through gritted teeth, “I. Will. Not.”
“Brencis,” Lady Aquitaine chided, “you’re going to hurt yourself. Tell me.” The young man ground his teeth and said nothing. A trickle of blood suddenly coursed down from one nostril. (Princeps' Fury chapter 36)

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