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A poisonous lizard that hunts in packs, like raptors. It has a poisonous bite that makes the victim fall asleep. Slive may follow prey for days and feast upon it when it gets too tired and falls asleep. Tavi encounters half-a-dozen in a cave in the Calderon Valley.

The supple, dark-scaled lizards were nearly as long as Tavi was tall, and the nearest lay within arm’s reach. The lizard thrashed restlessly, stirring from its torpor. It opened its jaws and let out a syrupy hiss, showing rows of needle-pointed teeth. A thick yellow liquid coated the slive’s front fangs. Tavi had seen slive venom at work before. If the slive struck him, he would grow warm and sluggish, until he sank slowly down to the ground. And then the slives would drag him still alive into their lair. And eat him. (Furies of Calderon ch 8)
  • Calling someone a slive is an insult.
  • Captain Demos named his woodfury ship The Slive