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Calderon Valley Steadholts (in book 1)

Thana, Air Fury, Protects Garados

Thana Lilvia is a great wind/air/storm fury in the Calderon Valley. See map, and see Furies. The locals know her as the wife of Garados, another great fury. She tries to keep Garados calm, as he becomes quite insanely violent to intruders. She is responsible for the great storms that plague the valley and the windmanes that attack all who trespass on Mount Garados.

"for a moment it almost looked like one enormous windmane, miles and miles across, was raking the ground with claws of living lightning.” (FLF, ch 57)
Thana Lilvia Windmane

No Tresspassing

A furystorm:

It was an enormous, boiling cauldron of lightning and scowling storm cloud. Its own inner fires lit the lands about in a display brighter than the light of a strong moon. Pale, luminous forms swept in and around bolts of lightning and rolling mist—windmanes, the savage and deadly furies that accompanied the great storms. (Cursor’s Fury ch 2)