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While Alera Imperia itself is a fairly pristine city, there are numerous ancient tunnels and catacombs beneath the foundations, known as The Deeps. Its various passageways connect almost every part of the city, including the Canim Black Hall Embassy, the Aquitanus’ Residence, and the First Lord's Citadel.

These tunnels have been utilized by many, including Cursors, Canim, Kalarus Brencis, Aquitainus Invidia, and the Vord. The traitorous earthcrafter Fidelias is rumored to have an almost complete knowledge of the various passageways through the Deeps, rivaling the knowledge of even First Lord Gaius Sextus.

Varg and Katai in The Deeps (book 2)

Varg and Katai in The Deeps, book 2

Image shows a scene from book 2, Academ's Fury, featuring Varg and Kitai in The Deeps.