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Varg is a warrior of the Narashan seafaring range in Canea (see Maps for Codex Alera Series). He is the Warmaster, the commander in chief of the warrior caste. He is also clan patriarch. Hundreds of years old, Varg is still fit and strong. Red eyes, black fur, two feet taller than Tavi.

There was a gleam of red eyes two feet above Tavi’s own, then Varg slid forward out of the darkness into the bloody light. (Academ's Fury ch 14)


Varg is resident ambassador for the Canim, living in Alera Imperia in the Black Hall, within the stronghold of the First Lord, the Citadel. His quarters are above The Deeps, which are old city layers beneath the city. Varg is shown to be honorable and intelligent.

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in Academ's Fury[]

 Varg, as Canim (Narashan) Ambassador in Alera Imperia, attempts to warn the First Lord about suspicious activity with his personal guards. The First Lord, however, has been incapacitated and a courageous young cursor-in-training (Tavi) denies Varg audience. So Varg sends for a messenger and Tavi is sent to get the message. In the Canim den, Varg mentions hearing rats in the walls and subtly instructs Tavi to investigate. Tavi's investigation is not thorough but he spies the Canim Ritualist leader Sarl meeting with someone secretly, discussing plans, though it's not clear what the plot is.

After Tavi leaves, Varg investigates and discovers the Vord nest in The Deeps. He then kidnaps Kitai to convince Tavi and Kitai to investigate. Down in the Deeps beneath the fortress, the group finds that many Canim guards have been Taken by the Vord and that Sarl is plotting with the vord queen to kill the First Lord so that Alera Imperia and all of Alera will be vulnerable to attack.

Varg and Katai in The Deeps (book 2)

Varg holding Kitai (Academ’s Fury)

in Cursor's Fury[]

Ambassador Varg has been imprisoned in luxurious quarters in the Grey Tower in Alera Imperia. In the first chapter, Tavi visits him and plays ludus with him. Varg compliments his play style and continues to show weaknesses in Tavi's strategies. While he enjoys the company, Varg makes it clear that, if freed, he would still try to kill every last Aleran he could if it meant a better life for the Canim.

in Captain’s Fury[]

Tavi as Captain Scipio of the First Aleran Legion makes a deal with Nasaug, leader of the invading Canim warriors. Nasaug agrees to discuss peace in exchange for Nasaug’s father, Varg, to be released from the Grey Tower in Alera Imperia. Tavi and friends release Varg and they all sail on The Slive, with Captain Demos, back to the west coast of Alera, docking at Fellcove near Mastings, not far from the Elinarch. Nasaug relinquishes his lead to his father, and Varg makes a deal with Tavi. If Tavi delivers to them the murderous Senator Arnos , whose word saw entire human steadholts killed, they will nominally surrender and return to Canea.

Spoilers Books 5-6[]

In the last two books of the series Varg and Tavi work closely together to defeat the vord. The Narashan fleet, following Varg’s flagship Trueblood, the Free Alerans, the iceships, and the First Aleran Legion ships, led by Captain Demos aboard The Slive sail to Alera to finish off the queen and end the Vord War. Varg survives the apocalypse and is promoted. Cover art Canim wolf ships