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The Vord attempt to annihilate.

Preceding Conflict:

Simultaneous Conflict:

  • Aleran-Icemen War (Ends)

Succeeding Conflict:

  • N/A

Vord War[]

Croach candles, after the war

croach candles, anyone?


  • The continent of Alera (with connections in Canea)



  • First Lord's Fury
The Vord warriors

vord warriors


  • Bloody group Aleran-Marat-Canim-Icemen victory

Political Ramifications[]

  • The Awakened Vord Queen is killed, reducing the vast majority of the remaining vord in Alera to a feral, animalistic state
  • Most of Alera is covered in croach, the causeways are cut, and millions of Alerans and Canim are dead
  • Princeps Gaius Octavian is crowned First Lord Gaius Tavarus Magnus of Alera
  • First Lady Gaius Kitai is both the first non-human to be granted Aleran Citizenship and the first non-human to be crowned First Lady of Alera
  • Recognition of the Marat State
  • Recognition of the Canim State
  • Recognition of the Icemen State
  • Leasing of the Shieldwall to the Icemen
  • Permanent armistice signed with the Icemen
  • Banning of slavery throughout the entire Realm of Alera
  • Re-invention of the catapult ("mules"), finally giving the freemen of Alera the capacity to successfully rebel against corrupt Citizens
  • Warmaster Varg becomes the first Aleran Citizen to achieve the rank of nobility with no access to furies; he becomes High Lord of Parcia (previous High Lord Lady are dead)
  • Re-designation of the region surrounding the ruins of Appia as the new national capital ("New Appia")
  • Creation of the College of Romanic Studies at New Appia, led by Maestro Magnus
  • Creation of joint-race tactical classes, taught by Hunter Sha and Marcus
  • Eventual start of second ice age over Alera in at least one thousand years

Territorial Changes[]

  • The surviving Canim are allowed to settle in the coastal city / province of Parcia but they have to clear out the remaining vord and croach
  • The Shieldwall is leased to the Icemen until it can be permanently demolished
  • Alera Imperia is destroyed in a volcanic eruption instigated by First Lord Gaius Sextus


  • The Alliance:
    • The Realm of Alera
    • The Canim Range of Shuar
    • The Canim Range of Narash
    • The Marat Clans
      • Marat Clan Gargant
      • Marat Clan Herdbane
      • Marat Clan Wolf
      • Marat Clan Horse
    • The Icemen Tribes

Invidia Before & After Burn

Invidia Nihilus in Vord Armor: “The Burned Woman


    • Allied with Canim Ranges of Shuar and Narash:
      • Ambassador/Warmaster Varg
      • Warmaster Nasaug
      • Bloodspeaker Marok
    • The Marat Clans:
      • Hordemaster Doroga and other clan leaders

Invidia Nihilus and Vord Queen by Hiku25


  • The Vord:
    • Unknown number of Vord-forms
    • 1 Awakened Vord Queen
    • 1 High Lady
    • Unknown number of Vord-collared Citizens
    • Unknown number of Taken Alerans

Notable Battles[]

  • Skirmishes Along the Waste of Kalare
  • Siege of Ceres
  • Duel at Antillus
  • Battle of Alera Imperia
  • First Battle of Antillus
  • Fall of Parcia
  • First Battle of Riva
  • Shieldwall Skirmish (First Alerans, aboard the Slive )
  • Second Battle of Antillus (local legion aided by Canim conscripts)
    • ”Your horde arrived at Antillus several hours ago. It has enfolded the city and is taking losses at more than triple the rate of any other besieged city.” The Queen’s black-jewel eyes narrowed. “Canim conscripts fighting alone cannot put up such resistance.” “Nasaug’s conscripts have an unusually high degree of training and experience.” (FLF chapter 19)
  • Second Battle of Riva (First Aleran & Canim)
  • Battle of Third Calderon (remaining remnants of Aleran Legions, plus First Aleran & Canim)


The Vord Queen Codex

Vord Queen

Surviving High Lords[]

In book 1, there are eleven high lords and the First Lord makes twelve of the most powerful blood. At the end of the Vord War, five are left, plus the new First Lord. Rivus Grantus, Atticus Quentin, and Forcius are still alive and supposedly well behind the walls of Garrison. High Lord Antillus is alive but badly injured at the Vord Hive, as is Placidus Sandos and Placidus Aria. Every other high lord or lady is dead by the end of the series. Thus, half of the noble houses lost their seated lord, but a few left heirs behind: Gaius Octavian, Cereus Veradis and Phrygius Cyricus (and possibly his elder brother).

“Maybe we should bring Forcia, Attica, and Riva.” Cereus shook his head. “They’ve never been fighters, I’m afraid. In a close-quarters fight, they’d be more dangerous to us than to the vord.” (HLF, ch 43)