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The Windwolves are a mercenary group hired by Aquitainus Attis, composed of strong windcrafters and other furycrafters. They are knights, and some were dishonorably discharged from their Legion. Some are outlaws, including their commander Aldrick ex Gladius.

“Windwolves?” Aria asked. “Mercenaries in service to the Aquitaines,” Isana said. “They’re mostly Knights Aeris.”
"the Windwolves —-mercenaries, the long-term hirelings of the Aquitaines. They were suspected in any number of dubious enterprises, and though she could not prove it, Amara was certain that they had killed any number of Alerans during their employers’ various schemes." (First Lord’s Fury chapter 12)

There are sixty of them. They are hirelings in service to High Lord Aquitainus Attis, but his Lady frequently commands them.

“The Windwolves are on training maneuvers in the Red Hills, Your Grace.” “That’s . . . twenty Knights?” “Sixty, Your Grace,” he corrected her. (Academ’s Fury, ch 41)
"Lady Aquitaine summoned four Windwolves, mercenary Knights long in service to the Aquitaines —and responsible for no few lost lives themselves." (Cursor’s Fury, ch 22)

Their commmander is the outlawed swordsman Aldrick ex Gladius, who is always accompanied by his lover, the watercrafter Odiana.

Windwolves also fly the treacherous cursor Fidelias around, to his great discomfort.